Saturday, January 10, 2009


Ok.. I had to put a plug in for "Skins" compression apparel. I got a pair of the half tights before CIM and have been using them for post long run recovery. My friend, coach, mentor Alan R swears by them and I am a new convert! I cant say enough about the benefits of wearing these after a long run. Now Alan says he wears his (the long ones) for 24 hours after a long run.. I just cant go that far.. BUT.. I have found they help the recovery incredibly. I did 21 miles during the CIM Relay, wore the half tights the rest of the day and Monday I felt like I hadnt run at all! Amazing stuff. To paraphrase my good friend Ferris Bueller "I highly reccomend picking one up if you have the means" :-)


Well.. I am 7 weeks into the ramp up for Paris and have two hundred twenty five miles and some change logged.. if your doing the math.. thats averaging 32 miles a week.. which puts me pretty much on target! So far so good.. If I can just stay away from all of you coming down with the creepy crawly crud I should be fine. Seems all my friends are into this "kettle bells" work out.. hmm but the same ones are all sick.. what are they puttin on thos kettle bells? Anthrax?

Todays run was 12 miles with a fast 10K stuck in the middle up. It was beautiful today.. up through One Mile out along the levy and into upper park and back. Got to run a bit with some of of you who started the half marathon training group today. GO GIRLS!

Next weekend is the Redding Marathon Relay. Tracy TD and Susan and I are signed up. See the rest.. or most of the rest of you in Sacramento on March 15th for the Shamrock-N Half which is just a few weeks out from Paris (what? you thought I wouldnt mention it again? :-P )

Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday and end of year wrap up

Well it was a crazy year.. and crazy busy holiday season.. jingle bell runs

and a great turn out for the Flying Monkeys Hash House Harriers 1st Annual Charity Run!

We garnered a TON of stuff for the local homeless family shelter The Torres Shelter and had a great turn out that ended up with everyone at Cafe Coda.. and great new eatery in Chico.
And the years ends with 1,073 miles under my belt and right now I am just 12 weeks out from "Le Marathon de Paris!"
I have made a ton of new friends through starting the Hash House Harriers group in Chico, new "busmates" from C.I.M, and really made special friends out of those "acquaintences" at the start of the year and ended 2008 on a upside pretty much all around.
Special thanks and hugs to everyone who supported me, befriended me and all around made my life terrific. You are too many to mention without worrying about leaving someone important out.
Stay tuned for tales and tribulations as I ramp up for the race in April.
Happy New Year.. and happy running- Ed