Friday, March 27, 2009

436 Miles, 8 Days

WOW! I am just 8 days out from the Paris Marathon! Had a nice little jaunt round Upper Park with Tina and "Cindy" this morning and that brings my total mileage preparing for Paris to 436 miles since the first week of December. We leave next Wednesday so I can have a few days to get over jet-lag and do some sightseeing before the races. Saturday is the UNESCO 5K or "Course de l'Unesco" and then the marathon on Sunday the 5th.
The pre-race expo looks to be fantastic and I am sure some of my tourist dollars are going to go to some memorabilia. I can't believe the race is upon me; seems like I have been training since forever for it. I feel great and ready. I had a terrific run at the Shamrock-N and set a new PR of 1:44:57. If I am able to hold that kind of pace for Paris then I should be able to hit my goal of breaking 4 hours. If anyone is actually awake here in the U.S. you can check out and plug in my bib number (32292) and see me run past the cameras they have set up along the course. Don't worry.. you can go in later and look. The race starts at quarter to 1 in the morning west coast time so most everyone I know will be snoozing during the race!
My next post will likely be after the race so look for some pics here and on Facebook. Thanks for all the support over the last few months! Bon Voyage!