Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flying Monkeys go national!

Well gang it was an amazing weekend!! First trying to stay cool in 100+ temps in NorCal!!! One of the best ways I have found is to get some altitude and some water.. Mix it with a little mud and you have the Mudskipper adventure relay!! Kosmo and I headed up to Magalia this last Saturday with our trusty "Mojo Monkey" photographer, Kosmos's very nice mountain bike and my new FitCity singlet. I have been following Pamela LeBlanc on Twitter and her blog for the Austin Texas fitness oriented crowd. Pamela "tweets" some excellent articles on the fitness scene in general and on goings on in Austin. I was able to cajole a "FitCity" singlet from Ms LeBlanc and promised to wear it so we could do a Where's Waldo-ish "Where in California is the FitCity singlet?" Look for future posts and check out Pam's blog and tweets.. great stuff.

Kosmo and I.. humbly.. KICKED BUTT up in Magalia.. sorry.. can't be too humble cause we took second place in the long course group!! Kosmo was on fire on the bike and was tearing up the bike course. All total we each had to do a mix of 13 miles of trail running and mountain biking. Twenty-six miles in 1:30:28 (yes of course we were running/riding at the same time).. but we gave those young 2o year olds who took first place a run for their money and we heard that they were asking "where are those old guys"..throughout the race. Not bad for a could of ahem.. 40 something guys. Trailhead Adventures puts on a really great event to benefit California Vocations so in addition to a great time they raised some money for a good cause. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming events. These folks are all heart and there was a BBQ afterwards too.. :-)

The Fleet Feet summer 10K program continues and HUGE props to those runners who are braving the current heat wave to get their training on.

My training for C.I.M continues and is going well.
Stay tuned next week for a reviw of the new Omega juicer and some great recipes.
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Tight Laces and Happy Running

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Sizzler and onward

Well it seems I have rested enough.. time to set some new goals and get back in the swing of things. During Reno Tahoe Odyssey I met some fantastic new friends and one of them, Brian Hamilton graciously built me a fantastic training plan for the California International Marathon. This week also started the Fleet Feet Chico Summer 10k training group so I will be chronicling the progress toward the goal for that program's goal, The Summer Sizzler 10k here in Chico as well as progress into the fall half marathon season as all of that goes into my build up for C.I.M.

Todays run was a "easy" 6 miles with the last mile at 10K pace. Weather was perfect and logged negative splits 8:46/8:36/8:09/8:03/7:58 and 7:04 for that last mile. That puts the total for the week at 24.5 miles and keeps things right on track. Switching my long runs to Sundays or Fridays for a few weeks and tomorrow will be a 10miler with some of the group.

I have recently been trying out the Cwx compression shorts for Fleet Feet and I have to say I love these things. VERY comfortable to wear and really support your upper leg muscles. I still swear by my "Skins" for recovery but check out the Cwx shorts. Their website advertises 26& less energy expenditure than regular tights and 36% less than regular shorts. I don't know if I can calibrate them that closely but they do feel like I have more energy during the run.

Next weekend is the Western States 100 miler and since that is still quite a ways off for me... yours truly will be competing in the "Mudskipper" bike/run obstical race here locally. Sure there will be some hiliarous pics from the finish line mud pit up on my Facebook page!

Keep Running! Enjoy your summer and stay tuned and hydrated!