Friday, November 28, 2008

Post Turkey Euphoria

Well we didnt have turkey.. we had a Capon. Its a big chicken, actually a nutered rooster, (who the heck has THAT job?)
Nice quiet Thanksgiving. Stared out with the Run For Food along with almost three thousand other folks!! I hear they raised almost 65 thousand dollars.. WOW.
Kosmo and I did the Rocky and Apollo Creed type run with both of us neck and neck then pounding it out at the end to cross the timing mat at the same time.. He is such a hoot, love that guy.

Today was last long run before C.I.M and it was BEAUTIFUL in Bidwell Park this morning. Fog and the last Fall leaves made it spectacular for a start at One Mile. Did just over 11 miles as close to my easy pace as possible but took it up and around Middle Trail and up the dirt road to get a touch of hill work in. Back and in through the golf course and out on Centenial.
PF is getting better. That Strassburg Sock sure looks funny but it works.
Tomorrow Teri and I are off to Kona for a week with my dad and Pat and low key running, high intensity relaxing!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Come on.. you knew there had to be SOMETHING in here regarding the "man crush" ;-)
Good YouTube on him too

What are Flying Monkeys?

The Flying Monkeys are a social running club that grew out of the 2008 Flying Monkeys Reno- Tahoe Odyssey endurance relay team a bunch of us put together. Out of that grew a desire to have a group unencumbered by dues, fees, elections and all the "political" drama that can overtake the fun and the desire to just run for fun!

This intrepid band of fellow "monkeys" enter races together, do hash runs and generaly socialize with like minded folk. This holiday season we are doing a run to garner donations for the local homeless shelter and there are plans for "free" races from a 10K to half marathon in the future. The local Fleet Feet store owners Alan and Susan help me get the word out by newsletter and blurbs on their website and are fantastic cheerleaders for the group.


Welcome to the random musings of an amature, middle of the pack runner. Postings will be hopefully entertaining, somewhat insightful and if nothing else a break from the day to day grind.

About me;
I discovered running or rediscovered it in early 2007. Previously my running had been due to military or work related efforts and almost always with little goal except to get to the end of it. In the spring of 2007 I decided I wanted to finish a half marathon on or about my 47th birthday and joined the local running club and a training program with the local Fleet Feet store here in Chico CA.
Over the course of the next several months I ran in the Reno Tahoe Odyssey (RTO) which became my favorite event of all time, the Whiskeytown Relays and logged lots of miles till I ran my first half marathon, the Lake Natomas Four Bridges in the fall.
Since then I have completed 6 other half marathons, my first full marathon in Eugene and put together my own RTO team and also ran The Relay this last spring.
I helped coach a first time half marathoners group and am registered to run the Paris Marathon in April of 09. I helped put together a social running group. The Chico Flying Monkeys, Hash House Harriers
Along the way I have met the most amazing people, logged more miles than I can tally and become that dreaded of all people... "a convert" to something.
Friends and fellow runners will laughingly tell you not to "get him started" on topics such as RTO and relays and I have to remind myself that not everyone gets as passionate about this endevor as I do! :-)
So jump in, post your comments and feed back as I try and chronical all my running adventures on the way to Paris next spring-EH