Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Catch Up

Wow.. whirlwind few weeks!! Hawaii was awesome.. nice relaxing time with my folks and a pretty cool helicopter ride over Kilauea and some lava flows!!

Runs were easy since it was the week before CIM but I managed to log a few on the IronMan course and watched some of the Ultraman International Championships.. THIS is an unbelievable event. Three days of the most intense stuff. Day 1 starts with a 10K open ocean swim followed by a 90 mile bike.. Day 2 is a 170 mile bike and THEN they wrap all that up on Day 3 with a 55 mile run.. HOLY COW!!

Got off the plane from Kona to hook up with the gang in Sacramento for Calif. International Marathon and Relay Challenge. We ( Liz, Tracy and Patty and I ) were "Three Foxes and No Hair".. love it.. Patty had to bow out late Saturday night due to a family emergency but we all had planned on running numerous legs anyway. Liz did the WHOLE daing thing, I did three legs and Tracy two.. Tracy was the hero of the day (Aside from Liz) as she scored a full marathon finishers medal for Liz... The weather was cold, and foggy and at times I never did get quite warm. Mile 16 to 17 and some was tough.. just started to bonk a bit but got some food in me and finished pretty well. Sometimes you have to do some kind of dumb things to learn how dumb they are so you dont do it again.. Like flying home from Hawaii the night before a 21 mile run BUT, I had kind of wanted to see the impact on my body of that kind of travel so I am ready and know what to do for Paris.

Speaking of.. Monday the 15th was the first "official" training day for my run up to the Paris Marathon.. the week has gone well and I have my plan all worked out thanks to Brad Hudson' and Tim Noakes books which gave me a great framework and then the final massaging by my good friends, ertswhile coachs and running Jedis, Alan Rice and Susan Zepernick from Fleet Feet.

This weekend we are doing the Flying Monkey Hash House Harries charity run to benefit the Torres Shelter so look for more next week.